Hi, my name is Kalonica and I've been playing drums since the age of 6 years old and have been self taught with the help from my father, family and friends.  I have a long history of performing at various charity events and concerts including "Child Aid Asia' in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and online shows over my 10+ year musical journey.   I've won several drum championship contests and have received sponsorships and prizes from the music industry.  I have many musical talents including playing piano, bass and guitar.
I live in Indonesia and attend high school in my senior year.   When I'm not in school, church, assisting my family or helping my community playing for charity concerts - Child Aid Asia in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and virtual events, I spent the rest of my time recording drum covers and creating music in the studio.   I love creating music and sharing it with the world to bring happiness and joy.  My passion and dream is to perform live on stages across the globe.  My goal after I graduate high school is to attend music college and become a professional musician.
On my YouTube channel I create videos of drum covers, original music, collaborations with my family and other talented musicians on a regular basis.  I receive very little income from YouTube due to copyrighted songs and rely on contributions (Patreon) and donations (PayPal) to continue my work full-time and help support my family.  
I need education, proper equipment and training to continue my music career which is very difficult to obtain and fund living in Indonesia.  So far I've been blessed to receive help along the way from many generous people, winning contests, receiving awards and sponsorships. 

I have a Go Fund Me campaign to further my music education:
Please help me fund my education and be part of my journey. 

Thank you and God Bless You Always,
Kalonica Nicx
  • Biskuat Kreasi Semangat - one of junior music composer for Melangkah Lebih Tinggi - OST/Soundtrack 1000 Balon 2013
  • Team member of Marching Band Locomotive, PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Battery section as Snare & Tenor player)
  • TV commercial: Clevo, Marjan Boudoin 2016
  • Performing at National Palace, Indonesia Independence Day 2017 & 2018
  • Endorsement TAMA Drums Indonesia



  • Champion of main division, Indonesia President Trophy
  • Champion of Percussion Battle open division
  • National Overall Champion Clevo Indonesia 2014 
  • Champion of Hit Like A Girl (HLAG)
    • Drumset <18 yo 2015 
    • World Percussion <18 yo 2017 
    • Marching Percussion <18 yo 2018
  • Zildjian Award for Woman Drummer 2016
  • 1st Winner Percussion Battle open division, Bandung Marching Band Championship / BMBC 2017
  • Grand Prix Marching Band / GPMB 2017
  • YouTube Creator Award Silver Play Button 2021


Fun facts
  • I've been playing drums since the age of 6 years old at first because I saw my dad playing it in the studio.
  • I actually wanted to play violin but my parents couldn't afford to buy me one.
  • My first drumset is a prize from winning the HLAG in 2015 and 99.99% of my equipment is donated from generous sponsors.
  • My dad is my first music teacher (who is self-taught) and he teaches me to play drums, guitar, bass and recording music. 
  • I also learn by watching videos on Youtube and Googling.  Both of us want me to have improvements , to get better and grow. 
  • My goal is to learn from professional teachers and to be able to study music overseas.
  • I'm the first female to become a tenor drum player in the Locomotive Marching Band, PT. KAI.
  • I do my own versions of drum covers.
  • What I do beside drumming / music: study, watching movies, playing games, hang out / travel, photography, eating, sleeping.
  • My main instrument is the Drumset and I also play Percussion, Piano, Bass, Guitar and create Music.
  • One of my dreams is to be a professional drummer, where I can perform drums at many great events around the world and have a comfortable studio with complete pro high end drums, percussion, music instruments, and recording equipment as my playground to create music.